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The word “light” speaks of many things. Light, love and truth; are all synonymous terms. Light is the arch enemy of darkness. Light can cause us to wake up from the darkness. Light enables us to see the truth, and the truth brings us the answers we so desperately need to live. The chaotic and deadly disease of addiction is challenged and threatened by the light. When light comes, the darkness and the chaos have to recede. The disease becomes defensive when the light approaches, because its very existence depends on the darkness, the secretiveness, the denial and minimization of its presence. It’s our collective mission to shine the light into the eyes of the dragon. It is our most sincere hope that all who seek help from this disease will find it within these walls. 
We provide outpatient Oklahoma substance abuse counseling & education, employee assistance programs, information & referral services to Southern Oklahoma.
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Oklahoma Substance Abuse Solutions

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Substance Abuse/Dependence 
  • Drinking or using behavior causes problems with family and/or friends.
  • Missing work due to being under the influence of chemicals or hung over.
  • Not remembering what occurred while under the influence.
  • Exhibiting personality changes while under the influence.
  • Drinking can’t stop with one or two drinks.
  • Increasing tolerance, i.e., it takes more and more of substance to achieve the same effect.
  • Feeling frequently depressed, angry or uncomfortable when not using or drinking.
  • Counseling

Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc. employs trained professionals who use a variety of counseling approaches. Treatment is based on careful assessment and evaluation of the needs of the individual and is provided through group and individual counseling.
Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc. assists the client in determining satisfactory financial arrangements for services. All services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on income. Services will not be refused because of the client’s inability to pay.
Through diagnosis and effective treatment, clients and their families do recover!
Education and Information
Businesses, schools, individuals and families benefit from Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc.’s services through literature, films, speakers, and other comprehensive programs like our DUI school.
Our endeavor aims to:

  • Identify and arrest the development of chemical dependency in the early stages.
  • Enlighten the public of the help that is available to the chemically dependent and their families.
  • Replace society’s misconception of chemical dependency with an understanding of the disease.
  • Effectively inform youth. Education among our young people is a crucial element in preventing and combating chemical dependency.
  • Business and Industry

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and DUI classes are available to employers through Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc. An EAP is a cost-effective way to improve productivity. Personal problems, including chemical abuse, cost business an estimated $64 billion a year. Companies that have started using an Employee Assistance Program to deal with these types of problems have experienced a return between $3 and $17 for every $1 invested. Of the Fortune 500 companies, 60 percent now have active EAP programs.
When an employee’s performance drops, his/her problems may be more than he/she can handle. An EAP, custom-designed for each business, can help the employee and the employer.
Referral Services

Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc. cooperates with other community agencies to make referrals for services beyond those provided by this agency. We make referrals for various types of treatment and all levels of care.

Private, Not-For-Profit
All Treatment Services are Provided Regardless of an Individual’s Ability to Pay
Licensed & Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors on Staff
Licensed Professional Counselor on Staff
Nationally Certified Gambling Counselors on Staff
Certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
Arbuckle Life Solutions, Inc. Service Areas: 
Service Area: South Central Oklahoma and North Central Texas. 
Oklahoma Counties: Carter, Johnston, Love, Marshall, Murray. 
Oklahoma Towns: Ardmore, Lone Grove, Wilson, Ringling, Fox, Ratliff City, Healdton, Leon, Marietta, Thackerville, Springer, Davis, Sulphur, Madill, Tishomingo, Ravia, Kingston, Mill Creek.